A health worker helps a pregnant woman turn onto her side ready to be transported to the hospital.

Figure 15.2 It is safest to transport the mother to hospital lying on her side.

If you discover a pregnant woman with eclampsia, you should take the actions already described in Box 19.2. Refer her urgently unless she is already in advanced labour — in this case you should deliver the baby and refer her and the baby to a hospital as soon as possible after the birth.

When you transport a woman with eclampsia to the health facility, make sure she is lying on her side with her airway open (Figure 15.2). Don't let her lie on her back because she may find it difficult to breathe if she has another fit. Lying on her side also means that if she vomits during a fit, she is less likely to breathe the vomit into her lungs.

In the next study session you will learn about another potentially life-threatening situation: abortion and early pregnancy bleeding.

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