Complications of any type of hypertensive disorder for the mother are highly related to the generalised vasoconstriction and body fluid redistribution (more outside the blood vessels and less inside the vessels). These phenomena result in:

  • Inadequate blood supply to her vital organs (brain, heart) and less vital organs for short survival (kidneys, gastrointestinal tract including liver, skeletal muscles and skin).
  • Fluid accumulating in her organs (liver, brain, abdominal cavity, eyes, lungs), which swell and can even rupture.
  • Narrow or constricted blood vessels, which contributes to blood cell damage, particularly platelets (essential for blood clotting if there is a tear or wound in the tissues), and red blood cells.

If a significant proportion of the woman's red blood cells are damaged, what condition will she develop?

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She will develop anaemia.

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