An obligation or willingness by an organisation or individual to account for their actions and accept responsibility for them (1)


Making a case in support of a particular cause or activity and trying to convince other people, usually decision makers, that it is a good idea (9)

Advocacy goal

The desired overall result of any advocacy activity (12)

Advocacy objective

A specific description of an intended, desired impact of an advocacy activity (12)

Barrier analysis

An assessment tool used to identify barriers that prevent particular behavior (8)

Behavioural barriers

Reasons why people do not adhere to desired behaviour changes (10)

Behavioural determinants

The reasons why people do or do not practice a given behavior (8)

Behavioural indicators

Measures used to assess progress towards achieving targets of a behaviour change intervention (15)

Behaviour change communication (BCC)

Communication intended to help people change their behavior (9)

Behaviour change strategy

Strategy for changing behaviour that sets out a plan for action and how resources should be allocated (9)


Liquid waste that includes human faeces and urine (2)


Process by which information is exchanged between individuals or groups (9)


Group of people who are connected to each other by geographic location or common concern or interest (6)

Community action groups (CAGs)

Small groups within a community tasked with managing individual projects (11)

Community-based action plan

A plan shared by all members of a community to take agreed actions to end open defecation; the output of the clts process (10)

Community capacity building

Improving the skills, knowledge and experience of the people in the community so they are better able to manage community projects and take part in partnerships and community enterprises (6)

Community engagement

Process of working with people in a community to address issues affecting their well-being (6)

Community-led total sanitation (CLTS)

Method for mobilising communities to completely eliminate open defecation by triggering collective behaviour change and installing and using latrines (10)

Community mobilisation

Process in which community members (individuals, groups and organisations) act together to achieve desired community goals (11)

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