Something with the potential to cause harm, such as toxic chemicals or infectious material (1)

Hazardous wastes

Wastes that have the potential to cause substantial harm to public health and/or the environment (7)

Healthcare waste

Solid waste produced in health facilities (1)

Heavy metals

Group of toxic chemical pollutants that persist in the environment i.e. they do not break down by natural processes e.g. mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, chromium and others (4)


Worms that live as parasites in humans and other animals (2)

Household hazardous waste

Hazardous materials such as cleaning products, batteries and paint found in household waste (10)

Household waste

Solid waste produced by people in their homes; also known as ‘residential waste’ (1)


Set of practices that help to keep people healthy and prevent the spread of disease (2)

Ignitable (waste)

Solid and liquid wastes that start to burn easily when exposed to a flame or any other source of ignition (10)

Impact evaluation

Identifying the effects on individuals, households or communities caused by implementing a project or programme (15)


Long-term effects and consequences of project or programme outcomes (15)


Does not allow fluid to pass through (6)

Improved facilities (sanitation)

Sanitation facilities that ensure the separation of faeces from people (1)


Treatment of waste by burning under controlled conditions (10)

In-depth interview

Detailed interview on a particular subject (3)


Something that can be seen, measured or counted and provides evidence of progress towards a target (15)

Industrial waste

Solid waste produced by industrial organisations (1)


Not derived from living organisms (4)

Integrated solid waste management (ISWM)

Using a combination of techniques and technologies to treat waste in the way that is best for people's health and the environment (11)

Internally displaced people (IDP)

People who are forced to leave their homes in the event of an emergency and move to another location within their own country (14)

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