There is a wide range of tools available which can be used to generate information for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

Think back to Study Session 3 and list the main methods that can be used to gather data from communities and individuals about their access and use of sanitation and waste management services.

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The main methods are:

  • interviews with individuals and households
  • observation in public places and in homes
  • community discussions (Figure 15.3)
  • focus groups (Figure 15.4)
  • questionnaires that can be completed by large numbers of people or used to structure interviews.

Figure 15.3 Community meetings can allow people to participate in M&E planning.

Figure 15.4 A focus group considering an issue.

Large-scale monitoring programmes can generate enormous amounts of data. Collating the data and organising it in a way that is meaningful for evaluation or other purposes is a significant task. This is the purpose of a management information system (MIS). An MIS is a computer-based system that provides tools for collecting, organising and presenting information so that is useful for managers and other stakeholders

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