You were introduced to the main types of liquid waste in Study Session 1. This study session is the first of three that builds on that introduction and describes liquid wastes in more detail. We begin with a closer look at the sources and characteristics of liquid wastes. Study Session 5 focuses on the different types of latrine available for urban areas in low-income countries. In Study Session 6, you will learn about the management and treatment of liquid wastes.

The type and composition of liquid waste depends on the source. In urban areas, the main sources are households, commercial establishments and industries. We need accurate information on the characteristics of liquid wastes in order to establish proper waste management processes to deal with them. In this study session, you will learn about the main sources of liquid wastes and about different ways of characterising them. We also briefly describe some of the laboratory tests used to analyse liquid waste. The session ends with some specific examples of liquid wastes from industry.

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