Safe drinking water

Water that does not have any components that can harm people (2)

Sand dam

Method of storing water using sand held behind a small dam (3)

Sanitary inspection

Process for identifying pollution sources and health hazards around a water source (12)


Prevention of human contact with waste, particularly human waste (2)


Settling of solids in a water body (5)


Solids that have settled at the bottom of a river or other water body (4)

Septic tank

Underground tank into which sewage is piped (4)

Service reservoirs

Stores of water that balance the fluctuating water demands of users against the steady output of a water treatment plant (1)


Mixed wastewater that contains human waste from flush toilets (4)


Network of sewers i.e. underground pipes for carrying sewage (4)

Smart meter

Meter that electronically registers the volume of water used and may send water consumption data electronically to the water utility (13)

Social tariff

Water tariff for those who are poor, which aims to recover only operation and maintenance costs (13)

Soil erosion

Washing away of soil by rainwater run-off (4)

Solar disinfection (sodis)

Disinfection of water using the ultraviolet radiation and heat of the sun (10)

Spray irrigation

Form of irrigation where water is sprayed over plants (1)


Place where water flows out of the ground (1)


Individuals, organisations or groups who have an interest in something; (of a water supply system) representatives of people who would be affected by the water utility’s actions (6)


Keeping everything the same (6)

Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Set of established procedures to be followed in carrying out routine operations (6)

Supporting programmes

Training programmes that contribute to the delivery of safe water (8)

Surface water

Water from rivers, lakes, pools and ponds (1)

Suspended solids

Particles of solid material carried in flowing water (4)


Able to be maintained at its best for many years (5)

Symbiotic relationship

Relationship where two parties live together for mutual benefit (11)

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