Carbon sink

Natural systems that absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (9)

Catchment area

Also known as watershed, the total area of land that slopes towards and drains into a river (12)

Cleaner production

Reducing the impact of industry on the environment (8)


Average weather over a period of 30 years or more (9)

Climate change

Change in the average climate over time taking place more quickly than expected from natural variation (9)

Climate variability

Natural short term fluctuations in the expected average climate (9)


Amount of a substance in a known volume of water or air (7)


Change of physical state from gas to liquid (4)


Formal multilateral agreement usually open for for participation by the global community of nations that becomes legally binding on those that ratify it (14)

Critical times (for handwashing)

Times when hands should be thoroughly washed to remove possible contamination from pathogens including after urinating or defecating, before and after eating or preparing food, after cleaning a child's bottom (13)


An international agreement that states aspirations rather than legally binding obligations (14)


Clearance of forest areas that are not replanted or allowed to regrow (1)

Demographic transition

A process of fundamental change by which a country moves gradually from high birth and death rates to low birth and low death rates (2)


Reduction in concentration of dissolved oxygen levels in water (8)


Level of law below regulation; describe how regulations should be implemented (15)


Absence of rain for an extended period, often for a season or more (10)

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